Make the Right Transition

Avoid making a move that is not the right fit for you.

Transition on your terms

You are not the first person to make a career transition from the Service. But it is a first for you. Leverage the experience of those that have gone before, so that you can enjoy your own journey.

Thinking of making the transition?

Every veteran should be able to realise a successful career transition. To do the work you love and live the life you want.

But most veterans don’t know much about making a transition. Also not every organisation is a fit for the life you want to live.

Your commitment to the service is an asset to be valued. Not a curse to be leveraged by an uncaring boss.

We know the value of that service commitment and the desire to live a healthy and rewarding life. That’s why we built BCT Solutions around principles of Freedom, Flexibility and Reward.

To help you on the path to a successful transition, we’ve created an infographic of transition tips. It bottles up all the lessons we’ve learnt along the way. We hope it helps you reach the same point where work is a positive part of your life.

Why do I need transition tips?

Your career should be a positive impact on your life. Sounds like pipe dream. But that’s only because you have been so committed to your current job, nobody told you about the outside world.

The first step is simply to know that there is an alternative. It can be hard to make a break. They pay you money. You do the work. At the end of the day you go home. Rinse and repeat.

Your boss will always ask you to go the extra step. But when you ask for something back, you have to negotiate and justify why you should live the life you want. The service culture they take advantage of is what we cherish and foster.

So we built this infographic to help amazing people to make the transition.

Why did we create these tips for you?

We know what it’s like to have masters that don’t care. That’s why we chose the lifestyle we want and then built a business around it. We think it’s only fair that our team get to do the same. Sounds like a crazy way to do business?

Well we think you live your life, not live your work. Amazing people live awesome lives and do great work. Trapped employees attend work and think about the life they should be living.

Already we know you are thinking of the risks that come with change. Uncertainty, loss of security, already sunk cost… These are all understandable emotions. Transitioning your career is a huge step. One that needs a sound plan so that you can have freedom, flexibility and reward.

So to help you out, we created a super simple list of Transition Tips.

Transition Tips

Get advice from those of us that have successfully made the transition (and avoid some of the mistakes we made along the way).


Transition FAQs

A career change is huge. There is no template. But you can avoid the mistakes that affect plenty of veterans. The starting point is to do your research.

These FAQs are asked by everyone undertaking the journey. The advice we’ve provided has been compiled from the experience of all us that did it the hard way.

Use the advice and our tips sheet to help achieve the transition you want.

What qualifications should I get?

Qualifications are most useful in specialised fields or in a role that requires deep domain experience. Our advice is to invest in relationships first, then work out what qualifications will enhance the specific area you are targeting.

What jobs can I transition to?

One of the biggest challenges in making a transition, is knowing what type of role is the best for you. Veterans normally struggle to translate broad leadership and management skill sets into a specific type of job. The best job for you is a combination of relationships, tasks, company and industry. Therefore our advice is to leverage relationships to help define your niche in any company or industry.

What company is right for me?

The best-fit company is one that matches your career goals, expected remuneration and desirable work conditions. A clear indicator of potential fit, is if they are honest about what they want from you and demonstrate clear commitment to their promises.

Transition Success Factors


Personal Network


Relevant Experience




Curriculum Vitae

We’re bred to value qualifications and ensure we have the right competencies. Whilst being qualified has value, it is only a small piece of the puzzle in making a transition.

You may also be surprised that having a good CV is the least important factor. Why? Because you are placing yourself in the same market as everyone else with a crafted CV.

From experience, we at BCT Solutions believe that a good network is the most important factor in doing the work you love with people you like. So as your next step, consider investing in relationships before the next qualification.

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