Fjord Trends 2020

17 Dec, 2019 | News

Now in its 13th year, this annual report by Fjord — Accenture Interactive’s design and innovation practice — is based on observations, research and work with our clients. With new contributions from Japan and Latin America, the Fjord Trends 2020 report is the most globally diverse yet. It’s a practical way for us to help clients apply innovation to transform their business and unlock growth.

A key trend in the Defence context is the:

Many Faces of Growth

People are putting organisations under pressure to define their successes in more life-enhancing ways than financial growth. As companies start to re-evaluate their role in the world, corporate transformation will switch focus from digital to purpose.

In the Defence context we are already seeing the ‘many faces of growth’ or, in defence terms, it is more about the ‘many faces of capability’. Defence acquisitions are not solely looking at the performance of the selected piece of equipment. Aspects such as the Australian Industry Capability, enabling innovation, job creation and environmentally sustainable solutions are all now important factors in the desirability of the solution to the Australian Defence market.
At BCT Solutions we are very fortunate to have a team that understand the ‘many faces of capability’ and work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver for the warfighter and broader Defence needs.

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Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Technology & Intelligence

BCT Solutions has the best team in the industry for Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Technology and Intelligence. In the last two years, BCT has been named the Prime Minister's Outstanding Veterans' Employer of the Year, ASBCA National Growth Champion and AFR Fast Starter. BCT Solutions is now a part of Accenture.

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The BCT Solutions CISMAD Program

The BCT Solutions CISMAD Program

BCT has seen a high increase in demand for our Cyber Security Accreditation Services in Defence. We are dedicated to supporting the Defence community while maximising cybersecurity and resilience to protect against evolving cyber threats…

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Welcome Jay!

Welcome Jay!

Welcome to Jay who has joined the team in the Futures Portfolio as the Engagement Lead on Land Simulation Core 2.0. Jay has previously served in the Army and is highly skilled in logistics and contract management.

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